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Nissan Teana 2011 350 XV V6 Review Philippines


The Nissan Teana, which is under the category of mid-sized luxury/executive sedan, used to take on the badge of Cefiro back in the days and it’s also been called the Maxima and Altima in other regions. This particular model I tested was launched late last year — a 3.5L V6 engine Teana 350XV which sells for roughly Php2 million.

Read the full review of the new Nissan Teana here.

Honda CRV 2010 Review Philippines


Honda Cars Philippines lent us their new SUV, the Honda CRV 2010, to take out of town and get the hang of driving one of their top of the line sports utility vehicles.


Honda Civic 2010 Refreshed


Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) continues to deliver pure intensity with the 2010 Civic. Sporting a refreshed dynamic styling, the Civic now comes with a newly designed 16” three-dimensional, multi-spoke alloy wheels for its best-selling 1.8 S variant to create a more commanding and sharper look. New alloy wheel design thoughtfully enhances its exterior and draws an exciting balance between aerodynamic body styling and aggressive stance.

New Honda CR-V 2010 to arrive in February 2010


Available initially in the U.S. and in Japan, the new CR-V is set to reach Philippine shores by February 2010. Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), always at the forefront of introducing the latest globally available vehicles to the local market, officially announces the forthcoming arrival of the refreshed CR-V as the new year draws near. Exuding sleek sophistication, solid stance and refined functionality, the 2010 CR-V puts up a bold statement that is sure to complement the demands of urban living. It simply lets you live a crossover lifestyle for all your life’s adventures.


2009 Civic launched at Subic International Raceway


Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) announces the debut of the 2009 Civic in a closed circuit layout at the Subic International Raceway. The revitalized Civic comes in a complete package that stays true to its winning heritage – sheer power, class leading features and bold styling. Packed with thrilling technologies that are encased in a more aggressive styling, the new Civic is designed to deliver pure intensity in one’s entire driving experience.

Isuzu Global D-Max 2007-2009


Isuzu Global D-Max 2007-2009


Classification: Pick-Up
Engine: 3.0 DOHC 16V I4
Fuel Type: Diesel
Transmission: 4-speed AT
Body Type: 4-door pick-up
Seating Capacity: 5
Airbags: 2
Front Suspension: Independent, Double Wishbone
Rear Suspension: Rigid Axle, Semi-Elliptic Leaf Springs
Front Brakes: Vented Disc
Rear Brakes: Drum

Price in the Philippines: Php 1,325,000

Mazda 3 1.6L Hatch Back


The new Mazda 3 Hatch Back 2007 is spanking new and costs Php 879,000 (Suggested Retail Price).

Mazda 3 Hatchback

Features include:

1600 cc SV-T DOHC 16-Valve Engine
4-Speed Automatic Transmission w/ Active Matic
105 hp @ 6,000 rpm maximum power
145 Nm @ 4,000 rpm maximum torque
Retractable Keyless Entry
Halogen Head Lamps & Fog Lamps
ABS w/ EBD & BAS braking system
16″ 5-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels (205/55 R16)
Auto Climate Control Air-Conditioning System
Power Windows w/ Anti Jam
Black-out meter w/ blue lighting gauge
Dual SRS Airbags (Passenger & Driver)
Crumple Zone w/ Side Impact Beams
MacPherson Strut w/ stabilizer bar (front suspension)
Multi-link w/ stabilizer bar Assistance with (rear suspension)
rear Spoiler w/ LED Stop Lamp
6-CD In-Dash MP3 Player w/ AM/FM
4-Speakers & 2-Tweeters
3 years / 100,000 kms. Warranty

Available in red, black, tonic blue, silver. Contact Mazda Greenhills, 202 EDSA corner Rochester St., GreenHills East, Mandaluyong City 1554. Telephone # 7221102, Fax # 7221138

Car Abbreviations


DOHC? SOHC? HU? what are those…Since i’ve been reading car forums lately i’m having a hard time decipheing the meanings of the abbreviations car fanatics uses. Thus i serched the net to look fo one…

here you go

A/F – Air/Fuel ratio
ABS – Anti Lock Brakes
AC – air conditioner
ACT – Air Charge Temperature (sensor)
AOD – Automatic Overdrive
BAP – Boost-A-Pump
BAS – Boost-A-Spark
BBK – BBK Performance Parts
BOV – Blow Off Valve
C/C – Caster Camber Plates
CAI – Cold Air Intake
CCRM – constant control relay module
CL – closed loop
COP – coil on plug
DR – drag radial
ECT – Engine Coolant Temperature (sensor)
EEC – Electronic Engine Control
EGR – exhaust gas recirculation valve
EGT – Exhaust Gas Temperature
ET – elapsed time
F/I – forced induction (turbo, supercharger, blower)
FLSFC – Full Length Subframe Connectors
FORD – first on race day
FRPP – Ford Racing Performance Parts
HID – High Intensity Discharge Lighting
IAC – idler air control valve assembly
IRS – independent rear suspension (cobra)
KB – Kenne Bell
KB – Kenny Brown
KYB – Kayaba Industry Co. Ltd. (Shocks)
LT – Long Tube Headers
MAF – mass air flow sensor
MGW – MGW LTD. (shifters, billet accessories)
MIL – Malfunction Indicator Lamp
MM – Maximum Motorsports
N/A – naturally aspirated
NOS – Nitrous Oxide Systems
NX – Nitrous Express
O/R – off road (not street legal)
OBD – Onboard Diagnostic Codes (OBD-II, OBD2)
OL – open loop
PATS- passive anti-theft system
PCM – Powertrain Control Module
PCV – postitive crankcase ventilation valve
RTFM – read the friendly manual (other decryptions exist)
RTV – room temperature vulcanization
S/C – supercharged
SCCA – Sports Car Club of America
SES – service engine soon (dash light)
SFC – Subframe Connectors
Solo2 – Autocross
SOTP – seat of the pants
SRS – Supplemental Restraint System
STB – Strut Tower Brace
SVO – Special Vehicle Operations (Now SVT)
SVT – Special Vehicle Team
TB – throttle body
TOB – throw out bearing
TPS – Throttle Position Sensor
TSB – technical service bulletin (from Ford)
TT – Twin Turbo Chargers
TTT – To the Top (Regarding Threads)
UDP – Under Drive Pullies
WOT – wide open throttle
JDM-Japanese Domestic Market.
USDM-United States (US) Domestic Market.
EUDM-European Domestic Market.

Toyota Vios 1.3


Me and my katukayo were talking about cars last night since he was almost convinced to buy a brand new 2.0 sedan. What kept him off from buying the car is his first love – a red 1997 Mitsu Lancer. My friend then asked me what will I buy if I’m in his shoes, and I said with that budget I’ll go for 2006 Toyota Vios 1.3 J. First reason is because it’s 300K cheaper and 2nd reason is because of its efficiency. With the fuel prices going up evey month you’ll definitely look for a 1.3 sedan. I also told him that two of my officemates sold there cars just to get a Toyota Vios 1.3 for one primary reason – Fuel Efficiency. A Manual transmission Vios 1.3 is boosting a 22.16km per liter that’s why it was awarded as “Most Fuel-Efficient Car in the Philippines” by the Department of Energy.


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